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Welcome to the Gambling PhD glossary of gambling terms. Here you will find a comprehensive dictionary of casino gambling terms from all aspects of the gaming world. We suggest you bookmark this page now for easy access later on. You never know when your going to need it, but it will come in handy.

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A – across the board, act, action player, aggregate limit, all-king ticket, any craps, any seven.
B – back line, back the bet, backtrack, bank, bank hand, bar, barber pole, basic strategy, basic ticket, behind the line, bet against the dice, bet with the dice, big 6/big 8, big six wheel, black bet, blackjack, blacks, blower, book, bottom track, boxcars, boxman, box numbers, break, break the deck, burn, bust, buy bet, buy-in
C – cage, call bet, call down, caller, cancellation system, c & e, card counting, carousel, casing the deck, casino host, casino manager, catch, chase, check rack, check, chop, clocking, cocked dice, cold, column bet, combination ticket, come bet, come odds, come out, come point, commission, comp, condition, conditioning, corner bet, counter, counter catcher, crapless craps, craps, craps eleven, credit line
D – d’Alenbert system, dead table, desperado, dice boat, dice buck, discard rack, do bet, don’t bet, don’t come, don’t pass, double down, double exposure 21, double odds, double progressive slots, double-up system, down with odds, dozen bet, draw ticket, duplicate ticket
E – early surrender, eastern craps, the easy way, eighty-six, en prison, even bet
F – files, filed bet, 15 across, first base, flat bet, floor man, free odds, french wheel, front line, front money, full odds
G – get out, ghost, goose, grand martingale, greens, grind, grind down, grind joint, grind system
H – hand, hard hand, hard way, hardway bet, hardway hop, hard way on the turn, head up, heel a bet, high hand, high lo, high low system, high roller, hit, hold’em, hole card, hop, horn bet, horn high, hot, hot cold system, house edge, house odds, house special, house ticket
I – inside bet, inside numbers, inside ticket, insurance
J – juice, junket, junket master
K – keno board, keno counter, keno lounge, king number
L – labouchere system, ladderman, lay bet, laydown, payout, lay the odds, line bet, live crap number, long end, loose machine, low hand
M – make your point, marker, martingale system, mickey mouse chips, mini junket, money wheel, monster hand, multiple coin machine
N – natural, negative progression, new york craps, nickel, no action
O – odd bet, off, one-roll bet, one-roll hardway, original ticket, outside bet, outside ticket
P – pai gow, paint, paper, parlay, pass, pass line, pat hand, patience system, pawn, pay line, p.c., pit, place bet, player hand, plus/minus system, point, power of the pencil, press, price, producer, progressive meter, prop, proposition bet, push
Q – quarter bet, quarters
R – rabbit ears, race, rail ,rake, rating card, razzle, red bet, reds, reel, reel strip, reel window, replay ticket, rfb privileges, rick deck, right bet, running count, run the shoe
S – seven out, shaker, schill, shoe, shoot, shooter, short end, short odds, shuffle up, sic bo, sick gambler, single odds, slot arcade, slot floor, slot mix, snake eyes, soft hand, split, split bet, spot, square bet, stack, stand, steaming, stickman, stiff, stops, straight slots, straight ticket, straight up bet, street bet, surrender, sweat, swing shift
T – table games, take down, take the odds, tap out, third base, thirty-two across, three-way craps, ticket, tight machine, toke, toke hustling, tough player, trente et quarante, triple odds, true count, true odds, twenty-six/twenty-seven across
U – underground joint, up and back, up-card
V – video keno, video poker, video slots, vig/vigorish
W – wash, way ticket, wheel, wheel chips, wheel head, wheel of fortune, wheel roller, working, wrong bet

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