This WILL get you *BANNED* in Fortnite: Battle Royale!

These guys they’ve got some nerve look at them they are bouncing around on the mountain together Teaming justice cause that is exactly what I’m trying to try and deal out here Welcome everyone My name’s ali-a and what you’re about to see you do not want to do in fortnight Battle Royale it will result in a banned account I would never recommend it if you ever come across it make sure you are reporting these players This is not the first time this has happened to me in fortnight, Battle Royale It doesn’t happen very often But I did not expect it to happen to me this soon after my last encounter now what am I talking about my friends? I am talking about people that team up in solo games of fortnight to try and get a victory Royale This is my second encounter with them in the last video that I did talk me about this I came up against teamers in two games in a row and both times they killed me took me out and stopped me in a second place position from getting that victory boy ow Now in this video right here. I have come up against hemas again and this time I want to get myself my justices I want to get myself revenge on teamers and try and take them out now I don’t know ruin what happens it on a ruin if they win or I win however I do want to put it out there that if you come across teamers when you’re on the menu in fortnight if you press the start button go to Feedback go down to player you can report a player’s name and as long as they have been cheating if that’s through Teaming or using hacks or whatever then their account will be ban now last time. I made this video I wasn’t too sure if Epic Games or fortnight did actually ban people that teamed in solos however if you take yourself over to the Frequently asked question segment over on the fortnight website. This is what they have to say about teaming This is official word from Epic Games question How do you handle Seema’s in solo play answers directly from epic games? We built the system to automatically ban teamers in solo play if you ever Encounter a player teaming be sure to also report them using the in-game feature which is wiped just showed you guys To find this new to navigate to the settings menu click feedback, and then you can report a player now the best thing about fortnight since the last time has happened to me is that there’s now a Replay system and that is right I’m just going to show you guys right now what it looks like this is the solo game of fortnight?

You’re just about to see now you can see two people the two team as I come up against shooting together Working together to try and take me and the rest of the map out in this gameplay I’m going to try and cut to some of the replay footage I’ve recorded from their perspective so you’re going to be cut in between my gameplay and this replay feature just you can see what it was like from their perspective and my Perspective whenever we had an encounter with each other to see just how it went down and to prove these guys Legitimately were teaming and should be bad so guys you have been warned There is no way of justifying teaming is not a good idea It will get your account banned so without further ado Let’s get into the live recording of me coming up against and finding out that I am against teamers in the game of fortnight What’s gonna happen will it finally get my revenge? Will I be able to beat teamers for the very first time and prove to them that even if you tried teaming? I will not let you win Give this video a thumbs up if you were also against teaming in fortnight BAP – oh I’ll show this video some support Without further ado let’s get into the action and see if we can take down these cheating femurs in solos And I totally thought I was going to be an automatic blowing up, but you know what this thing still does some work I’ll take an AR and a shotgun off the back and here chest I can hear Shotguns is all kicking off in retail row and that is what I thought the other weapon was perfect couldn’t a ball so much more Than that I always like to put Guys guys guys, what is going on? Do you need someone to mediate this gunfight because I’m happily do so You stop right there you are not going anywhere repeat. You are not going anywhere.

You’re going back to the lobby That’s where you go, buddy. I don’t know why but the Black Knight skin I genuinely have like a weird thing and honestly it probably means nothing But it’s just a weird thing in my head that certain skins are better than other skins now obviously a lot of the paid-for skins are very bright very colorful, but I Just think that they give you away I genuinely give you an idea the best games in the game are the darkest skins so John wick is pretty good And Dark Knight is really good, and they also intimidate and scare the enemy Odyssey, it’s tight Stupid little things, but I just I feel like the help. I really do and it may just be all bad but Even if it is it’s helped me out, and I’m getting some good games with the old Black Knight at the moment Tons of ammo I loved seeing with the Rockets a jump out of the ammo crate even if I don’t have anything explosive I know that if I find one later on in the game That’s shot, so I send unusual spot He wouldn’t normally land there and stay up there, but if he’s got a sniper kit You can rain down some damage if he’s not careful Show your body give me a second. Give me a second No no no no god damn my building come on so now Ali oh Let’s go Now some some slow building apologies takes me a second to warm up sometimes with the old builder pro, but we’re good We’re good I don’t know if that guy was sniping out as I feel like he’s probably heard or at least seen what was going down And he may be I’m me up right now We’re back to 150 health and shield She’s always to quit knee I always feel more confident play more confident when I know I’ve got back up meds and back up Minnie’s probably sometimes but scar Bro Exactly what a sheep has been a legendary scar and at Legends the RPG they’ve been even better But then I probably wouldn’t still be here to tell the tales wait get a complaint now this guy this sniper.

Yep Oh Completely nap Thank You Carl I Still don’t know where now if that sniper is if you can see him. Let me know because I certainly cannot right now. Oh My god this weapon is so good sometimes It is amazing. I’m so glad to give it 110 accuracy What was the headshot headshot headshot body shot you must have been like 50 oh yeah – ugh. He was properly wasted to pop it Sorry, buddy.

Sorry buddy is not your day Look at all this amazing amazing loo. All right Let’s put this on let’s go up to hundred a hundred We’ve got a spare Chuck if we need it at some point later to go back up to one hundred one hundred Like and it’s for Kim’s 33 people at that sniper is probably chillin up there. Hopefully waiting for um For me to come up at least the hope is you never know Just a little bit of rearranging here beautiful legendary Bowl loop on baby come on you gotta be confident of your accuracy and I should be I should be I just get loaded into being a little bit lazy sometimes and using the TAC shotgun But I’m gonna stick with this guy’s four cubes. Not too bad. I don’t know where the sniper is chillin Can’t hear him. I’m sure the shots were from up here if he was really obvious and in an obvious place I’m sure you guys will tell me but Is he hiding like?

He is he in the trees is he standing still like you know what I mean I know what this guy’s is he seen me like Four shot that guy with a scope tail he’s to say I don’t anything to do with that guy. I don’t know either way He’s gone. I reckon it’s peace of scene and I don’t know when we’ll see him again. Well point right into the Sun point I don’t know who which player is or who else you’ve been shooting out if it’s got any other kills I said what the heck is a break floating in the middle of the air what’s going on there? Well, yeah, just a ring.

Honesty’s boy the most center circular You can have but it doesn’t really force anyone to move anywhere unless you’ve really jumped on the outskirts of the map so These guys are probably just take from each other out into town and sitting still for the time being I however Shall not be doing that goodbye retail row Hello rest of the map it is time for a skybox movie got a minute until the next ring goes somewhere as well Now I always play sir my weapon that I like to get a few solid accurate shots on It’s a little bit of a slower fire rate at the end That’s what I’d my scoped a out at the end of my inventory now It’s a sniper rifle of its obviously And then I can switch back to a weapon which you can just deal a lot of quick quick damage and doesn’t have to be Too accurate so pop a sniper shot switch over to my scar switch over to an SMG Try and finish more for the few more shots You know it is and then they go straight down You guys actually recommended me that and I’ve been using ever since you guys good guys the good things bad You got some real good tips what you reckon odds on? No no odds on guys May try and get really high grounds here. We’ve got a good amount of wood Can’t see yeah Let’s go for it. Let’s get as high as you can boys as high as we can See what his person is up to whenever I come to this rocket this reminds me of when me and rich Found the final geyser Bush night an all legendary loadout. Oh my god. That was amazing Yes, she’s chillin.

She’s chillin I Needed to make a non jumpy Okay I’m gonna build. You are infinitely building okay? I’m not even gonna bother wasting ammo fat purses doing now We’ve got a little bit of movement on us for sure oh Hey, what’s up? Shh Wow fights going on everywhere apparently That is looks like a very precarious space service to build out there They’re pretty sure about one ramp gets destroyed the whole things coming down Come on Why is she running in the wrong direction?

She must have seen someone surely and someone’s put up a port to port I? know I’m being a bit of a lemon at the moment, but I Want to be sensible here, I don’t have any launch pads to get out of it quickly unfortunately This person’s gonna have to come pass me That another person that’s another player. It’s the rust bucket. It’s the rust Lord All right these two They’re gonna come in contact of each other are we about to witness a 1v1? Where we can hopefully come in and be sneaky and take everyone down. What do you reckon?

Oh? Oh, oh, I think they’re fighting. I think they’re fighting I can’t I can’t Whoa, okay, okay I didn’t actually think we’d be able to come in and steal the kills, but we did Does it honestly look like a Biffle Aggie snipers? You’re buying complaining?

Oh wow? chill chill chill chill I’ve been tailing you for ages Oh You see that nose come through with a smoke Let’s go, let’s go scoff they are Mad if I had one more if I’d sick sites and second told I’d hold you more trust me Fasten item where’s this person hiding Shorts what’s a joke hey, that’s me talking about getting Now I can not drop a sniper for one mini Shoe that would that would get anyone of know I have to think about you guys down below in the comments All right, we got a little bit of traveling through Benny got minute 20 to do it We don’t have a launch pad But we did come out of there Didn’t think I’d be going back to retail we did actually clear a bow for them Russell Russell or Snipes other, dude They are scopes, and I apologize at the air. I have to be dropped first This isn’t a bad one more inventory slot.

I would keep it for sure Such a deadly and accurate weapon no aim assist But if you can put it in your aim it can go a long way the headshots an RSP man nasty nasty nasty Now we’ve got quite a few bases to try and work away past Shit, they in the ring of the outside the ring. I don’t know I feel like we’re about to find out though either way Either way we are gonna have to go through some people Soldiers well it’s like it’s got some people in it These guys been setting up a shop or over the future look at them go crazy Crazy people without that a portfolio looks like it’s been ramped and taken down to be honest with you So I don’t think there’s any action left that you really honest with you guys. We’ve got 11 RPGs I am glad I looted those old our ammo chess always useful on the edge here, Oh Have we got time what do you reckon? It’s better give me a medkit or something No it was a waste of time Regrets regrets regrets. It’s all good.

Though. It’s so good We lose too much health, but would rather have it had it to be honest with you guys What you reckon? Odds on someone in this box. I’m putting $500 on there being someone in this box alright each and every one of you $500 oh My That’s a lot of money If every single subscriber claim that $500 that’d be trillions of dollars for billions I don’t even know no no said that alright guys. It’s like a perfectly formed box with more Rockets 20 rockers woo, oh You do spoil me you do spoil me No one around his a fluent is left all of his gun fights.

Is it is that it is it over? April just had an up overnight. Yeah, we’re gonna peace.

We’re gonna head out of here. Yes. I should probably take their advice Right anyone around here banned April. It’s probably got a move on unfortunately. Well. You know what since we’re here I’m gonna pop this on.

We’ve got 50 seconds before we have to start running. That’s more than enough time. We’re fine Mays don’t get herself back up to 100 100 if we do get in a gunfight in the middle of the running or whatever And then we’ve got inventory free slot.

You know what I mean be smart be smart about this oh Those are the sounds I like to hear and I feel like you I feel like seeing people at distance in this game It’s been vastly improved I Ever spotted some that easily that far away maybe like three months ago or something maybe I maybe I’ve just forgot what the game was like back then but it always agrees with me I Feel like you can definitely see people easier now more based on your open air can’t lie Definitely hope you run into the sniper knees still got a sniper out if boss have what every amazing oh? He’s just vanished okay Always seems to happen whenever I spot someone disappear over the edge of a hill and they are gone Gone, gone. Gone disappeared in the middle of nowhere It’s alright. You know what I’ll let you go. I will find it down.

I’ll find you later, and the boat has been placed Paul fort has been placed the other side of the map look at that Okay, a forward is setting up on the highest of all high peaks apparently which hey, I can’t blame This mm RPG at the ready RPG they’re ready All right, bud Ryu, but how was he doing oh? How let me see scar though yes, please I’ve got two scars on the perfect oh You know I’ll take the loss of 45 shield for seven minis and a legendary scar nice hmm, okay People rampant over here two people rampant Nothing that guy’s chasing them Got a few shots Are those guys are they taking each other on? Are those guys teaming No way, but we just found teamers right I? Don’t believe it. I’ve been waiting for the next time I run into teammates if I tell you what I did not think I’d find them this soon Swear was only like a few weeks ago.

I found another set of teammates back to back games Loaded What I swear the boat shooting at me And you said I need to unsleep around Based be smart more Rockets. Let’s go, baby. Let’s go, baby These guys these guys Ah They’ve got some nerve they’ve got some nerve and I think the guys watching me may have realized What is going on and I hope look good Irma? they are bouncing around on the mountain together I Really hope these people stick around few happens I Only think around them to see some team in your justice cuz I is exactly what try and deal out here Make you about to die you about to fall for your base, and you’re about to die that is gonna be How did he live that I do not know the good thing is these guys apparently cannot aim I Could not have asked for a better randomized and to be sat under there Someone’s going from the whole base Well great, but if it wasn’t enough to have a team of shooting at me I’ve got another third random player firing RPG at me.

Okay, just make my life difficult work. Why don’t you? Honk-honk absolutely huge poor poor base irate that that is impressive All right Which way should we approach this okay? Well decision made Completely forgot the path to two towers are still in the ring and of course to be still people left over there What do you expect this is tilted after all I? Was firing an RPG up top. I think they’re firing if a team is maybe though there we go there We go John wick I think John wick we meet again Season was it season two T a hundred versus two season tear Season three tier 100 who’s gonna take the W still five players left to our team?

That John wick literally shitting on like 50 health right now John we just go to death I don’t know. He’s gone. Oh come on John wig come on, buddy. Oh You’re so weak my people has three people left I Don’t know if your team is still alive Go I should be a 10-q is that John wait killer should be my killer he fell to his death oh Okay top three nine cues There’s two players left I don’t know Fatima’s had survived Who I know they could have been taken out There’s a lot of RPGs a lot of grenade launching going on so I mean anyone could be left here.

Let’s be real Go to self a little bit higher base at the moment Now mom up we go It’s looking good. Oh, we’re not in the next ring. Oh, No if anyone’s left on that side of the map They are in the ring. Oh hey up Someone’s going for that base. You think someone’s in the base that have just ramped it Buddy there’s no one in there hate to say it hate to say my dude Oh no oh, no this could be their duty murder There’s one of them Hey that seamers Very sensible I’ve got to be sensible last time this happened. This is when I died I took one of them out and the other one the other one No one got me.

Let’s go You got hard now boy you call right now Let’s go raid 78213 and your sidekick six people action – those two 4p But I myself and the rest the world just witnessed you team live in the game and get your arse max That’s palpable that is palpable according to Epic Games and this time. I will report you alright You’ve been caught you just saw one person to team against just saying oh, I thought I was gonna be another rip I genuinely didn’t think they made it to the end there, but suddenly Rpgs ramping everyone’s trying to treat me down It did not happen ladies and gentlemen another Ali versus team is this time we come out on Top do not team it will get your fans will see more for tonight videos glutton last time I came up against team is check out my fortnight playlist. Oh that’s been intense Thank you for watching guys, and I’ll see you next time goodbye

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